Journalists – shut up

Please can journalists leave the ‘delusions of grandeur’ out of journalism. You have not just discovered the essence of being 40-something, you do not speak for whole of mankind. My thoughts, “One thing experience teaches you is that age as a number is meaningless. I knew not to care what others thought when I was 18, much harder it is at 40. If at 40-something we’re all to disregard “emotional scenes as tiring and pointless” then we’re failing to connect with each other on the most beautiful and profound level. I do however agree there is no such thing as one soulmate, we all have the potential to be beautiful souls and connect with one or many of those others, male or female, hetro or by. Journalists are not the oracle on life, they just know how to sell magazines. These are the words of a forty-something probably married to her university sweetheart – she does not speak for all of us, especially when life is still as full of opportunity and wonder as it ever was. She’s right about nobody is a grown up though!”