South African AirwaysAdvertising, Print, Art Direction, Copywriting

Fly the rainbow for South African Airways (SAA) was created to showcase a wonderful airline that not enough people knew about. We created a global brand campaign to demonstrate the warmth of SAA cabin crew and staff. We also wanted to make people more aware of the great number of flights and destinations in operation.

We were honoured to meet and spend time with South African Airway’s charming crew and staff. It was a privilege to be introduced to sunny locals and a nation so full of life and wonder, but the reality of a still racially divided nation was hard to swallow.

Sadly we can’t claim this to be a super effective campaign as SAA no longer exist, but I love the work of the incredible photographer Stuart Redler and Sue and I learnt a huge amount about design craft and photography under the legendary Head of Art – Mark Reddy’s guidance.

Concept, Copywriting & Art Direction: Sophie Webb & Sue Modral
Photography: Stuart Redler