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Thank goodness Natura bought The Body Shop off L’Oreal in 2017. They’re hopefully moving back to the ethical principles that made them so ahead of their time when their founder Anita Roddick (RIP) opened the first shop in 1976. She had the disarmingly simple idea to create a line of cosmetics from natural ingredients and appeal to those who cared for the environment, using education and social activism as her means to connect.

It’s been a pleasure and an honour to be asked by Spring Studios to be the Creative Writing Lead and Senior Copywriter on the brand refresh. The brief was to reconnect The Body Shop with their activism roots. I headed up the writing team delivering a new spirited TOV across editorial and product pages on the e-commerce website. It was a huge writing job undertaken with verve by a talented team. You’ll find a small selection of the editorial pages I wrote below.

It’s important time for us humans to step up the fight to stop our natural habitats disappearing and protect our biodiversity to keep our soil and air healthy for future generations. If you haven’t seen them already jump onto Netflix and watch David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet where he gives hope and ideas for the future. And Kiss the Ground where scientists and activists unpack the ways in which the earth’s soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.

Team: Spring Studios

“Working with Sophie on a fast-paced brand refresh project at Spring Studios was a real pleasure. On set and in the office she helped keep spirits high – and that even translated across zoom, whatsapp, etc. during lockdown. Her energy is infectious. Copy-wise her laser-sharp focus is on the customer – who they are, their needs and what will resonate for them when talking about products and crafting ‘how to’ guides for beauty-focused storytelling. She was able to swiftly pull that thread through all copy for editorial, product and other landing pages with emotive fun and joy. Plus, her knowledge when it comes to all things wellness is top-notch. Any brand or agency would be lucky to work with her.”

– Katie Rose

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