Leo Lab sits alongside Leo Pharma in Copenhagen. The lab ideates, creates and tests digital health tech products and services dealing with skin conditions. I joined as Comms Lead to help with service design, branding and marketing.

My main project was called TREAT, an app — part bot, part human created with a brilliant team of nutritionists, designers and developers. We worked to deliver health coaching and nutrition advice to people living with psoriasis. It was a really successful pilot, but did Big Pharma go on to invest… course not. Boo.

Team: Leo Lab

“I loved having Sophie on our team building a digital service for people who have recently had a heart attack. She is highly strategic and empathetic, which allows her to produce amazing content against crazy deadlines. Her talent is widely versatile across all platforms, so she produces robust, insightful and creative work at every turn. All with a smile and a lovely caring personality.”

Catalina Cernica
Innovation Director, Leo Lab