Huna (previously called Nature’s Creations) was launched in 2017 when founder Craig Hamilton discovered a close family member was facing a serious health challenge. Craig found more and more evidence for the medicinal properties of high-quality CBD oil. On realising natural high-strength CBD was difficult to find, he decided to synthesise his own 100% natural CBD.

Working with Craig and his family and a great team Health Unlimited and the talented designer Jamie Wieck, we helped Nature’s Creations evolve into Huna.

The name Huna was inspired by the Hawaiians, the word means living in harmony with nature. I fell in love with the word and meaning and it felt right as soon as the team heard it. The lush natural environment in the Pacific became a start point for the design. The tone-of-voice came from the no-nonsense approach of the founders and their master blender Tony – no made-up molecules or jargon, just accessible and credible information about CBD science to help strengthen the industry’s efficacy reputation. The design was inspired by the beauty and healing properties of our plant kingdom.

It’s important time for us humans to step up the fight to stop our natural habitats disappearing and protect our biodiversity to keep our soil and air healthy for future generations. If you haven’t seen them already jump onto Netflix and watch David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet where he gives hope and ideas for the future. And Kiss the Ground where scientists and activists unpack the ways in which the earth’s soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.

“I had a range of products I had needed to get to market ASAP. Jamie and Sophie helped me turn my ambition into a brand I love across packaging and digital in record time.”

– Craig Hamilton
Founder and CEO

Client: CEO Huna Craig Hamilton
Creative Director: Sophie Webb
Design Director: Jamie Wieck
Team: Health United