Ten Thousand Starlings are a new kind of management consultancy driven to have a positive impact on the world and see organisations achieve their greatest potential. At an exciting point in their growth they realised they needed to graduate from a homemade brand to a professional one.

I worked with the talented designer Jamie Wieck on a brand strategy, a brand identity and a quick one-page website.

To begin we led workshops to help them uncover their why. The resulting proposition recognises that when Ten Thousand Starlings connects people, ideas and motivations in the right way, everything changes for good. This resulted in their positioning statement: connecting the good.

We created a logo suite that captured and contained the complex dynamics seen in a starling murmuration — a perfect visual metaphor for the work Ten Thousand Starlings’ undertakes. Expanding on Ten Thousand Starlings’ core proposition of Connecting the good, we designed a website to give prospective clients a complete overview of the consultancy’s offer in less than 60 seconds.

We did this at record speed on a shoestring budget.

“Sophie and Jamie worked magic with my brand. They are gentle, thorough and deeply creative – a joy to work with.”

– Kat Maunders

Brand Strategist: Sophie Webb
Design Director: Jamie Wieck