You’re in safe hands

I didn’t realise Brian Eno sang. He joined Damon Albarn and his friends at The Albert Hall last night and took the lead vocals on ‘Heavy Seas of Love.’ There was something of a fatherly air about his performance. It hit me hard.

I wasn’t embarrassed to let the tears roll down my face, it felt like a father offering reassurance and encouragement. It was a emotional night as most of the crowd shed a tear – each with their own story. I was probably missing my own dad who died 5 years earlier. ‘Heavy Seas of Love’ are powerful poetic lyrics and deserve a little sharing.

“When your soul isn’t right and it’s raw to the night, it’s in your hands. When the traces of dark come to fade in the light, you’re in safe hands. Heavy seas of love, radiance is in you as above so below on the heavy seas of love. We come together in you counting out the new moons on the heavy seas of love. If the world is too tall, you can jump you won’t fall, you’re in safe hands. What the day will now give, how those seeds will now live, it’s in your hands.”

Watch here for a little cry all of your own: