Haiku Poems


The wind unsettles me
Whispering secret warnings
To get on our feet


The wind blows my hair
We agree a direction
It’s warm and pleasant


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Meet Tim

If you’re a Londoner and use Highbury and Islington tube station regularly, you might have noticed Tim Wright.

He’s a surprisingly upbeat homeless man who sells anything his local fan base donates – from massage tools to bicycles, in a pop-up stall outside the Barclays Bank opposite the tube station. I think Tim is a beautiful person, his determination shines out through his mischievous blue eyes and handsome smile.

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Find love with acupuncture

“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.” M. C. Escher

The love that finds us is not always in the guise of a tall, dark stranger or a lifelong crush. Sometimes it’s about finding the love we have for ourselves. And, right now, that kind of love is just what we all need.

Here we are in the depths of winter surrounded by enough depressing news to put even the most light-hearted into heavy despair. It certainly feels like the world could do with a little more love, doesn’t it?

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You’re in safe hands

I didn’t realise Brian Eno sang. He joined Damon Albarn and his friends at The Albert Hall last night and took the lead vocals on ‘Heavy Seas of Love.’ There was something of a fatherly air about his performance. It hit me hard.

I wasn’t embarrassed to let the tears roll down my face, it felt like a father offering reassurance and encouragement. It was a emotional night as most of the crowd shed a tear – each with their own story. I was probably missing my own dad who died 5 years earlier. ‘Heavy Seas of Love’ are powerful poetic lyrics and deserve a little sharing.

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