Sinking my soul in immersive theatre

I don’t know why but I find ‘Shunt’ a difficult name to remember. Shack, Skint, Skunk etc. all go through my mind until a few minutes later my brain finally produces the right word. Anyway, a short Google search later, seeing if there’s a story behind the name, I find out they’re a nonprofit company funded by The British Arts Council. For all our moaning about life in the UK these days I’m more prone to thinking how lucky we are, the importance placed on The Arts and the support it gets means we have a better chance than most of progressing the collective mind.

Anyway, Friday 26th September on my way to the bloody O2, I really don’t like going to see music there, there’s no intimate experience, mass herding – I think less of artists who choose it as a venue. I’m surprisingly on time and excited to find out where this theatre might be. I have no idea what to expect, I’ve never been to a Shunt. My only experience of immersive theatre is ‘Drowning Man’ which was one of the best invasion on the senses ever, but at 3 hours long and a secret bar I struggled to find, I’m also slightly tense about the endurance I might need.

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